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35.25 inch steelhead caught on a Blue Moon Glow Bugeye35.25" steelhead caught and released with a Blue Moon Glow Bugeye. Have been killin' 'em on Bugeyes all summer!

~ Captain Bob Miles
Team Bloodsport
Munising, Michigan

loves the bugeyes!Love the Bugeyes! They outlast and outproduce Atomic Tinsel flies 10 to 1 here on Lake Ontario. Have caught several 20 pound plus kings on the same fly. This 26.5 lb. king was on an Area 51 Bugeye (#421).

~ Captain Brian Graham
Bam Special
Webster, New York

your flies are the bestYour flies are the best. Thanks for helping us do so well on the tournament trail here in northern Michigan. You guys are the best!

~ Captain Les McFarland
& 1st Mate Tamara Krueger
Lookin' for Charlie
Allanson, Michigan

We purchased your flies at Fat Nancy's in Pulaski. Bar none, the very best lure on the lake. I was on the radio all weekend bragging about the Bugeye Fly #111.

~ Jeffrey B.
Hudson Falls, New York

Your flies are great! We were on Lake Ontario last week and we picked up your flies at a shop and put 'em to use. The action was instant! The rod with the green Bugeye got all the strikes. Then we started talking about them on the radio and all the other boats wanted to know where we bought them! That was a mistake because when we needed more they were SOLD OUT! Thank you for such a great product.

~ Scott B.
Reading, Pennsylvania

salmon and trout fishing on the Great Lakes for over 25 yearsI have been salmon and trout fishing in the Great Lakes for 25 plus years. I am excited to say I found a bait that is unbelievable! Not only does the Bugeye out-produce the Howie fly 10-to-1, I have yet to have a release that came up empty–unlike your competitors! Thank you for the excellent hook design and color pattern that works!

~ Shane P.
Larsen, Wisconsin

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